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Website Promotional Space Price Sheet


 Size Per Month**
 916x185 (Homepage main slider)*  $250
 184x307 (Sidebar, 2 slots)*  $100
 660x90 (Bottom below Featured Blog)*  $100


  ** Publication notices run for a term of 3 months.


Why you should promote with us?

Gives your Business the edge

Whether business is good or slow, you have to get your share of whatever business is around. Increase your visibility by promoting your product, service, destination and event to a highly qualified and desirable target audience that are passionate about wine, food and sharing with others. Our audience and on line community desire to know about what you have to offer and will take action.


Better Communication with your target audience 

Publicize online and open the lines of communication between you and your customers or potential customers. Set up a way that they can contact you at any time by sending questions through the online site. This allows them to ask a question when it is convenient for them, but also allows you to answer when it is convenient for you.


The Right Message at the Right Time

Increase traffic and sales to your website by an ever growing community of individuals that enjoy living the wine-centric lifestyle. Promoting on creates awareness of your business and/or product to your target market.


More Clicks equals more sales

The community wants to know about the very best products, services, destinations and events that increase the quality of their lives. They cannot purchase what they do not know about, so start publicizing today and click on the Time to Start Icon below now!

Contact us today, and begin reaching your target market! 408-420-0121 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.