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Drunk or Kid?

Drunk or Kid?

1. I was in an intense discussion with my brother about the origin of the many interesting names of Harry Potter characters. For three hours.

Drunk or kid?

2. I was wearing a tutu, rainbow suspenders, a pirate skull bandana, and water shoes, carrying a small water pistol and running arm-in-arm with my best friends. We were jumping in every fountain we passed (which, in Southern California, is a lot of fountains) and singing at the top of our lungs.

Drunk or kid?

3. I was filling water balloons and sneaking up on the kid next door, ready to ambush him if he threw more twigs over into my yard.

Drunk or kid?

1. Kid. The discussion took place on a fourteen-hour road trip to go visit my grandmother when I was in middle school. though my brother and I could still fall down a Harry Potter wormhole over a glass of whiskey today. Heck, we would have that conversation sober!

Fountain Run 20102. Drunk. The fountain-jumping took place at the end of my Senior year at USC, during the traditional Fountain Run on the campus. The whole graduating class dresses up up in crazy costumes, drinks whatever they can hold, and runs through all 43 fountains on the main campus while security guards make sure everyone's staying safe and not destroying property. I have a scar on my knee from tripping over a sprinkler-head that night, but the pictures and memories from that night are worth it!

3. Drunk. The impromptu water-balloon fight happened this past weekend.

The kid next door escaped safe and dry, but I discovered that I will happily betray my boyfriend's trust when he turns his back on my water-balloon-laden arms. His yell of surprise and soaking shirt were worth the retaliation shot he winged at me!

Drunk or Kid is a bar game popularized (created?) by the TV show How I Met Your Mother, and it's easy enough. You just need a group of friends, full drinks of your choice, and the willingness to recount your exploits in a way that you could have been either "drunk" or "kid." Once you tell your story, everyone guesses whether you were drunk or a kid at the time. Anyone who guesses incorrectly takes a drink, and the next story gets told. Lather, rinse, and repeat until your drinks are empty!

Give it a try next time you're at a bar, and don't be surprised if the night becomes another story for your next round of "Drunk or Kid!"

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