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by spiritu     May 09, 2012    
(Updated: May 09, 2012)
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Wine-Bar or Restaurant? That is the question

I have been patronizing Cin Cin since it opened. It continues to evolve and improve. I tend to rate conservatively so anything above three stars is good for me. I like that the owners keep their establishment clean, including the bathrooms.

The restaurant's tasteful dark decor demands being clean. I have been in the restaurant trade since the ripe old age of 4 years old, so I know how easy it is for restaurants to become grimy. Cin Cin is kept clean.

The staff's demeanor exudes friendly and engaging enthusiasm, especially Don one of the two proprietors a patron might encounter upon check-in. The Chef continues to improve and the quality and value of their dishes continues to improve.

The question is what does Cin Cin really want to become? Does it want to be known as a wine bar or a restaurant? The indecision presently tends to stifle the true creativity of the Chef. In my opinion once Cin Cin commits it will be the one of the best. So Cin Cin is one to watch.

I think their happy hour is delightful and a good value. The dining experience is very pleasant but for the money comes up a bit short for the expense in terms of the ambiance. The service can be spotty at times which might be due to management's ability to consistently institute serious discipline to their wait staff in preparation for each dinner service. So will I continue to patronize Cin Cin?, absolutely. However, I tend to think of Cin Cin as a happy hour place. I think with a few adjustments I might be inclined to stay for dinner. Time will tell, it always does.

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