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Brut Rosé for Valentine's Day

 I haven’t made any plans for Valentine’s Day yet. I think that particular Friday night is going to consist of me, my boyfriend, and a couple friends cooking dinner at home and avoiding the public chaos that descends on the restaurants in our neighborhood for the evening. But I’m still going to be in charge of handling the wine for our dinner.

Wine for Valentine’s Day is easy, though. Get some bubbly, get a bottle of red with the three-course prix-fixe steak dinner, maybe do a glass of port with dessert.

Then continue the romance by getting too stuffed on the rich meal, sleepy from the wine, and dealing with some interesting gastrointestinal sensations for the rest of the night.

There’s a way to do wine for Valentine’s Day that isn’t predictable, won’t cause the discomfort that the traditional choices do, and will feel just as romantic.

First thing to keep in mind: don’t over-drink. That red wine and steak pairing may be classic (and delicious) but the temptation to go through the whole bottle once your waiter places it on the table is high. Couple that with the aperitif Champagne flutes and several courses of buttery, rich foods, and you’ve got the recipe for a full-blown food coma, an early end to what should be a romantic night, and the potential temptation to drive while intoxicated. Don’t do it!

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