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If You Love Wine

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What makes wine so fascinating?


Is it because 31.4 billion bottles of wine are sold in the world each year? Is it because of the recent discovery that mankind has been making wine for over 6100 years? The breadth and depth of wine and how it is made teases our minds with enjoyable queries. No matter your experience -- from the neophyte to the master sommelier and collector -- wine is both fun and mysterious and offers you entry to a vibrant wine-loving community where you can make friends, gain knowledge and insight about wine, and have fun in a joie de vivre kind of way! is an on-line community where you can find others who share your interest in wine and where you can even meet face-to- face at our many wine events, meetups and wine socials. Enter the world of, where you can make friends and find answers to some really interesting questions people ask about wine. Listed below are just a few of the questions many people have asked:

    • What wine do I order in a restaurant?
    • Why do some wines give me a headache?
    • What does "corked" mean?
    • What country produces the best value wines?

Join, our free on line community by clicking here! "Friend" Jerry "Wine" Starr, America's SommelierTM, in our wine community and put your question to him.

Get your VIP Card today! The VIP Cardholder enjoys great values when tasting at wineries that participate in the VIP destination program. As a VIP cardholder you and a friend can taste at each VIP destination winery each and every month on a complimentary basis.


Cardholder's get the insider's information about wine-centric events, specials and future releases. Special invitations, perks and offers are routinely offered to our VIP cardholders. So take a friend along because wine is better when tasted with friends. Click here for more information about the VIP Card opportunities.

Stop paying for your wine twice!

Tired of paying exorbitant corkage fees? Your VIP card allows you to bring your wines to an ever-growing number of fine restaurants where you can enjoy them without corkage fees. Now, here is a benefit you can take to the bank and a great way to enjoy your select wines without having to prepare dinner or do the dishes.

Stewardship, a guiding value

A portion of your VIP supports a variety of charities that preserve our environment, fresh water resources, and lands dedicated to agricultural purposes. Click here to learn more about becoming a VIP Cardholder!

Giving the Wine-Bar it's due!

One of the goals of is developing the world's first truly functional Wine-Bar directory. These establishments go by various names, such as: Bodegas, Enotecas, etc. Until now, there has not been a directory of Wine-Bars dedicated to this convivial wine experience. understands the difference between restaurants and Wine-Bars. Take a moment to look for the Wine-Bar closest to you. You can also promote your favorite Wine-Bar by referring their manager and proprietors to our site, or you can add a listing on their behalf. Click here to explore the Wine-Bar section.

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