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If You Love Food

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"Our experience of food is a physical, sensual, shared human experience." - Susan Shepler.


The need and enjoyment and sharing of food reinforces our fellowship with family and friends. Sharing a delicious meal with them is one of the best of all bonding rituals. Cultivating food resources sustains our lives,communities and cultures, it therefore comes as no surprise that we, like many other cultures around the world, celebrate our seasonal food resources with festivals and rituals where wine plays a celebratory role.

By Becoming a VIP you'll be the first to know of the best food events occurring both locally and world-wide. Experience one-of-a-kind culinary experiences and gain access to winemaker dinners, expert cooking classes, social mixers and fundraisers. will help you save money on doing what comes naturally: searching for a fine wine to accompany a fine meal. But, better still, by becoming a VIP you'll receive special invitations, offers and perks from some of your favorite restaurants. And a portion of your annual subscription supports charities that seek to reduce hunger in their respective communities.

"What shall we eat?"

winepairingsWhether you are traveling, or just wondering what's new in your community, we offer you a great resource for discovering and sharing information about the best places to enjoy a wide range of culinary experiences. From the undiscovered hole-in-wall to the three-star Michelin restaurant, we give you the ability to read reviews from your friends, food critics, and others. Get the inside scoop, not just from the "marketeers" but from people like yourself who appreciate helpful reviews as well as the commentary of enlightened food critics. Search to find exactly what suits your mood!

restaurant-reviewsYour viewpoint matters!

Critic or Advocate, who really is a food critic? Well, there are some who really are food critics and who actually call it their day job. But you can be one, too! has two levels for restaurant reviews: The first level involves "Sigwine" editors and "in the trade personnel" and the second level consists of our VIP cardholders and community members. Each review level offers the reader the opportunity to enlighten themselves about what others think about their dining experiences. So, go ahead, tell us what you think by adding your favorite restaurants to our directory and reviewing them absolutely free! Just join our free on-line community by clicking here now! If you are already a member and want to create a listing or write a review, click here now!

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