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Rios Lovell Estate Winery

Rios Lovell Estate Winery

deniselaughlin   April 19, 2012  
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Rios Lovell Estate Winery
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Livermore, CA  94566

Rios-Lovell is a family owned and operated Estate Winery in the heart of Livermore Valley Wine Country. Our 64 acre Estate sits on the hilltop of Tesla Rd. and has an amazing panoramic view of surrounding vineyards and mountains. Grown, produced and bottled on site, we pride ourselves in the quality of our award-winning Wines and Ports.

A visit to Rios-Lovell is an excursion to another country. First, as you step from your car, be sure to take a moment to admire the view. The winery is on a slight rise overlooking acres and acres of vineyards spreading from the winery along Tesla Road to the mountains beyond. Rios-Lovell has already taken your mind away from your suburban home and busy work week to a great corner of the Livermore Valley wine country.

As you walk through the front doors of this impressive facility you wonder if you have entered a small bistro in southern Europe. Impressive murals from two famous Bay Area muralists adorn the walls of the room. Much of the art work is by Nicolai Larsen, a native of the bay area known for his murals with visionary painted imagery. His work is prominent on the wall to your left and over the deli. However, Nicolai produces murals, but his work does not include people in them. Rios-Lovell owner Max Rios wanted the visitors to feel like they were in a small town in France so he also hired artist Cynthia Kelly. Cynthia was known for her vivid murals that adorn the Cow Palace and other places throughout the bay area. Her whimsical murals depict typical village scenes of bakeries, bistros, shops and children at play. The combination of murals from these two great bay area artists will make you want to have a seat and enjoy a sandwich from the deli as you study each work of art. See if you can spy the small child peeking in the bakery window.

But then, you did not come to Rios-Lovell just to eat, you came to enjoy the wine. So move on into the tasting room. The L-shaped bar gives you plenty of room to settle down to sample a flight of wine served by the friendly knowledgeable staff. In one corner you spy the multitude of awards that Rios-Lovell has earned since they opened the winery 20 years ago. Be sure to take the time to stroll through their great selection of wine accessories and gift items in the tasting room.

Believe it or not, the Rios-Lovell tasting room is not the only tasting room on the property. Out front you will notice three small buildings. In one building, the Rios-Lovell winemaker Dan Baldwin has wines from his own personal winery, San Francisco Bay Winery. In another building, Max will soon be opening his own Port Winery, featuring several of the ports he produces from the estate.

All of their wines are from their extensive estate property along the southern edge of Lawrence Livermore Labs. Their vineyards have 11 different varieties of grapes that are used to produce 18 different wines, plus 12 ports. Max Rios purchased the 64 acre property 33 years ago to raise cattle. But as time went on Max first got into cabinet making and then they decided to plant vines and open the winery after taking winemaking classes at UC Davis.

Now, don’t go home yet, until you have had a chance to explore the rest of the Rios-Lovell estate. Stroll off to the right of the tasting room/deli building and you will enjoy a pleasant walk through the gardens where they hold weddings on most weekends. A tree-lined drive leads to the banquet hall and the path leads up to the wedding gazebo on the hill, surrounded by great views of the vineyards. Continue along the path crossing the bridge over the small creek leading to the pond. Nearby is the banquet hall. As you proceed behind the tasting room building you will be entering what appears to be a small European village. It is really the winery, barrel room and banquet hall painted to resemble such.

Before you return to your car, stop at the new grassy area near the parking lot where they will start holding music events every Sunday next year.

Rios-Lovell is truly a destination. Bring friends to taste the food, enjoy the wine and visit the vast grounds of Rios-Lovell. They are located at 6500 Tesla Road in Livermore.

Rios Lovell Estate Winery

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